Gizmos is a widget engine for the Windows desktop; it runs tiny widgets/gadgets/applets, i.e., "gizmos", near the edge of the screen. Microsoft deprecated its own Windows Gadgets, but I still wanted functionality like that on Windows 8 and up. I also wanted to write them in C# and WPF instead of JavaScript and HTML. Thus Gizmos was born.

GizmoDock.exe is the application that hosts a gizmo; it will run once for each gizmo displayed. Run GizmoDock.exe without any parameters, and it will help you build Windows shortcuts to launch individual gizmos. Some currently included gizmos are: Calendar, CPU Stats, RunningAhead Stats, and Weather.

Some gizmos, like Calendar and CPU Stats, only support a single instance, while other gizmos support multiple instances. For example, you can run multiple copies of the Weather gizmo to show the weather for multiple locations.

Gizmos requires the .NET Framework. To create custom gizmos you can use any .NET language to inherit from the Menees.Gizmos UserControl type. See the included documentation and/or source code for more information.

This software is CharityWare. If you use it, I ask that you donate something to the charity of your choice.

Click here to see a screenshot of some gizmos.

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