All of the software directly downloadable from this site is CharityWare.  It is not freeware, shareware, or commercial software.  CharityWare means that if you use the software, you agree to make at least a $5 US donation to some worthwhile charity of your choice.

Iíll never know if you donít follow this licensing policy, but the negative karma from illegally using this software will be far worse than giving $5 to help someone else out. And if you do follow this policy, the good karma you accumulate will be much better than anything else you could get for $5.

By "worthwhile charity" I mean a charity that helps other people, animals, or life in general. This can be your religious group, your local pet shelter, a save-the-planet foundation, etc. Anything that applies compassion and loving-kindness with wisdom toward the benefit of other beings and life will do fine. There are opportunities to do this all around you. In addition to the big-name charities and organizations (e.g. United Way, Salvation Army, Greenpeace, etc.), at almost every convenience store, fast food restaurant, etc. there are donation baskets for some good cause.

I wrote this software to help everyone out, and all I ask is that you return the favor by helping someone else out. Thanks!

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