RPN Calc 2.0

An RPN calculator for Win32 with almost all of the cool features of the HP48 plus some new stuff made possible by Windows.

It supports the standard OLE datatypes as well as complex numbers, programs, matrixes, lists, binary integers, expressions, and unit objects. It has its own hierarchical storage system, and it is programmable with VBScript, JScript, or the Active Scripting language of your choice.

Almost everything in RPN Calc 2.0 is a COM object and is available in the scripts you write. This way you get all the power of RPN and stack-based programming combined with the power of functional or object-oriented programming. Trust me; it's very cool! If you're an RPN fan and a modern programmer using C++, Java, or VB, you'll love the ability to combine the best of both worlds. You can even use a different scripting language for each script!

Main Screen


Array Editor