RPN Calc 3.0

An RPN calculator using Microsoft Silverlight. It supports binary/octal/decimal/hexadecimal values, large integers, fractions, doubles, complex numbers, DateTimes, and TimeSpans. It is designed to run in out-of-browser mode.  To install it locally, right-click on the calculator, then choose "Install RPN Calc 3.0 onto this computer..."

A Windows desktop (WPF) version of RPN Calc is also available.  Download RpnCalc3.zip, extract it to a folder, and run RpnCalc.exe.  The latest .NET Framework is required, but the RPN Calc application does not need a separate install.

Data Type Entry Value Display Value Entry Format
Binary #10101b # 10101b HP-style using # prefix and b suffix
Hexadecimal #ABCDh
HP-style using # prefix and h suffix
C-style using 0x prefix
Fraction 1_2
1 3/4
Underscore-separated numerator and denominator
Underscore-separated whole part, numerator, and denominator
Complex (1,3)
Polar using the current angle mode (e.g., degrees or radians)
DateTime "9/11/10 4:51pm" 9/11/2010 4:51:00 PM Double quoted date/time using the current culture's formatting rules
TimeSpan 19:01 00:19:01 -d.hh:mm:ss.fff where the sign, days, hours, and milliseconds are optional

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